Welcome to REIN – Individual FB Group Application

You are capable of building a greater life through Real Estate Ventures with the right community. 

REIN is a membership based origination who has over 800 members that focus in all aspects of Real Estate Entrepreneurship & Investing from residential to commercial, wholesaling, notes, lending, short term rentals, apartments, self-storage, and more.

No matter if you have never done a REI deal before, or you have hundreds of rentals, REIN is a great place for you because we all do better with a stronger network and educated investors around us.

We encourage you to become a member of REIN, though not a requirement for being in our Facebook Group, to get the most out of the FB Group, you will want to come to meet people both online and in-person.

Will you join us today

Below is the application for the REIN Facebook Group.

Our expectation is that you will be a good community member, and we want you to know how to. Part of why you want to join is because of the guidelines we enforce through a volunteer team of moderators and admins.

When you fill out this application, you will be signing up for the Free Weekly Update from REIN as an email, and some additional emails to help you be the best you can be within our community.

Again, Membership for REIN is not required for an individual, we expect all who are successful at REI to see the great value investing in others helps you.