Online Saturday Class: How to Negotiate Win-Win Deals with Sellers

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Online with Ray Sasser


      Here’s a typical 2022 scenario:
      A motivated seller with an off-market property contacts you. Woohoo!
      But then He’s quick to let you know that he’s called a dozen other investors, and is waiting for the “best offer”. Oh, no!
      You sigh, and start figuring out how to pay more than you really want to, and waive all of the contingencies, and close in a week, and hope to entice the seller to sign a contract with you by offering a better price and cleaner contract than everyone else.

Offering More Cash is a Losing Strategy.
The Winning Strategy Is…

              To be the one that the seller WANTS to work with, because you:

  • – Actually listened, and really understood the seller’s problem and motivations, and really worked to solve those problems
  • – Built trust and a real connection with the seller, making him feel comfortable and valued
  • – In short, you didn’t come across as a pushy slime bag, like most of your competitors do

In a hot market, your negotiation and rapport-building skills give you the edge you need, to make and get great deals that your competitors just can’t.

Negotiation isn’t a skill that comes naturally to most of us—but it can be LEARNED.

That’s why it’s so important to spend a day learning from a real estate investor with over 3 decades of experience as he shares:

  • The 10 power principals of negotiating
  • The 3 phases of a real estate negotiation
  • How to establish credibility
  • How to deal with different seller personality types
  • How to tell the difference between what a seller SAYS he wants and what he needs
  • Overcoming objections
  • And much more…

  And YOU’LL be a better, more confident, more successful negotiator when you’re done with this day—or your money back.

Yes, this workshop will be recorded and yes, all registrants get a copy for your real estate library!


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