Officers, Directors & Leaders

Officers and Directors
President: John Hickman
Vice President: Sam Warf
Secretary: Bernard Smith
Treasurer: Dhru Upender
Past President: Elliott Hallum
Past President: Bev DeLong
Director: Courtney McCoy
Director: Sharon Conour
Director: Tyler Cauble
Director: Josephine Saffert
Director: Jim Roberts
Alternate: Jennifer Perkins
Alternate: Laurie Woods
Alternate: Matt Anderson

Committee and Group Leaders
Cookeville Focus Group: Sandra Lush
Clarksville Focus Group: Chuck and Gina Biter
Rutherford County Focus Group: Nick Howell
Maury County Focus Group: Michael G. Knox and Sam Warf
Facebook Closed Group: John Hickman
Commercial Focus Group Tyler Cauble
DealMakers Focus Group: Mike Brady
Williamson County Lunch: Bev DeLong, Elliott Hallum
Davidson County Lunch: Nick Howell
Rutherford County Lunch: Nick Howell
Sumner County Lunch: Gina Miller

Corporate Sponsors & Vendors: Ali Spika (406) 350-0445
Education and Professional Housing Provider (PHP) Classes: Sandra Lush, Chair
Government Affairs: Elliott Hallum
Membership: Bev DeLong
Newsletter Editor: Mary Wester
Programs: Robert Mohon (615) 852-REIN

Event Leaders
Home Tours: Courtney McCoy
Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Sturgill

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