October Main Event

How To Earn 5 Figures A Month Wholesaling In A Recession

Vena Jones-Cox


Here at Real Estate Investors of Nashville it’s our job to keep you up to date on the best ways to make money in real estate, no matter what’s happening ‘out there’.

And this month, we’re doing that by bringing you one of the most experienced wholesalers in the U.S., to share her experiences and advice about building your wholesaling business during the very-different 2020 and 2021 markets.

Vena has an all-new presentation that will show you:

• Why wholesaling may be the strategy that saves you in a tough economy (it saved her in 2008-2010, and she’ll show you how)
• What’s going to be very different about the next 24 months or so for wholesalers. Hint: it’s who your best buyers are.
• The one skill that will make or break your wholesaling income right now
• What’s happening with sellers right now: they’re selling, but for different reasons than before
• Why it’s more important than ever WHEN you get paid your assignment fee
• Plus, she’ll answer questions about the current market!

This meeting is ONLINE, so you need a link to join us on October 12th at 6:00 PM; get that at www.reintn.org/calendar and spend your evening with us, learning to prosper in the coming ‘down’ market!

Every attendee gets a free copy of Vena’s detailed “Wholesaling Process” system, so make sure you’re there!