Main Monthly Meeting – The Secrets of Raising Private Money

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5:00 Free light dinner and Networking in the Round: Table Topic Discussions

5:30 Break Out Sessions
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6:20 Guest Session – a “Must Attend” for non-member Guests.

06:45 Main Event – Why 2024 Will Be the Year of the Small Real Estate Investor with John Burley

Why 2024 Will Be the Year of the Small Real Estate Investor

As we begin 2024, as a fellow Real Estate Investor, I am extremely excited. Here is why: Rising Interest Rates; Prices Dropping; Limited Inventory; Properties on the Market Longer; Wall ST and I-Buyers on the sidelines (just taking a breath really); Money Supply Drying up for wholesalers; Investors with flawed models dropping out and quitting like crazy; and FEAR throughout the market, FEAR.

So, you may ask, why is this all good? Because these are the exact market conditions where the Great Investors make their money and, more importantly, keep it! Most people like to do what everyone else is doing. Especially in RE Investing. Just a year or two ago, how many
people were flipping and wholesaling. How many people were clamoring to do hard money loans? How many people were lining up and over bidding for the privilege of paying more than
ever before for properties? That’s right, lots…and lots…and lots.

Now, it has all changed, people are afraid of what the market and interest rates and the economy will do. So, many are paralyzed and stuck in fear. Yet now, is when the high-end professional investors are moving in. I have been doing this since the late 1970s. I have been
through 5 full cycles of the markets moving up and then down. I have invested with interest rates at 18%. There is very little I have not seen, nor done, while completing thousands of Real Estate Transactions. And if there is one thing I have absolutely learned and integrated into my
Real Estate Investors Soul, it is this:

Contrarian Investing is the way to go!!!

Right now, we are at the precipice of one of the great Real Estate Investing Opportunities of your lifetime. The only question is what will you do with it? The great investors of history. The
ones who actually make money in not just up markets, not just flat markets, but also down markets, have one thing in common. For years, and then decades (I am over 40 years in the game now), is that they look at it from a contrarian point of view. When RE is in favor they are
scaling down, paying off bad debt and building up a war chest, you know, like all real businesses that succeed for the long-term do.

When RE is out of favor they are jumping in with both feet. BUT they are not doing what everyone else is doing, nor are they running the traditional RE Education Models. No, they run it like a business. And for that they understand that by far (not even close) the most important
thing in Real Estate is not Real Estate. It never has been, nor will it ever be. The Most important thing in Real Estate Investing is MONEY. With Money and the ability to Borrow, Real Estate is very easy. Without Money and the ability to Borrow, Real Estate is very hard. Yet almost every RE Education Program avoids the truth and spends most of their time trying to figure out how to do Real Estate without money, even though everyone knows it takes money.

We cut right through the nonsense and the noise. Rather than do what everyone else is doing, we address the Big Truth of Real Estate Investing Head On. We work on raising money, lots of money, first. We will show you exactly how to Raise It with all the details. And since my
background is from the World of Wall ST, I show you exactly how to Raise the Money, Get Paid to Place it (we get paid $10,000 upfront on every property), How to Buy it, How to Maximize Returns for the Long-Term and how to Monetize to the point where realistic expectations are
that you will earn back the price of the property in its entirety within 10 years. For example, on a $300,000 property, we make over $300,000 over 10 years. I will show you that in detail on Saturday Afternoon!

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