August Main Event

How These REIN Women are Building an Empire

In Person at Oak Hill Assembly
5200 Franklin Pike, Nashville TN 
Or on Zoom online (link emailed once registered)

Register HERE

5:00 – Food Truck & Networking

5:30 – Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Investing 101
Matt Anderson – Business Structure
Ask The Pro
Tim Davis – Fix & Flip

6:45 – Market Updates
Join us for market updates with REIN President Elliott Hallum

7:00 – Main Event

Looking for Million Dollar Business Strategies?
Want to Create More Passive Income?
Seeking a “Maximum Mindset”?

Join us for The Main Event either online or in person on Monday, August 9, and meet our panel of Real Estate Investing Superstars. These ladies are high achievers who will share:
– How to Build Your Own Empire on Your Terms
– How to Scale to 7 Figures
– Operations and Team Building Tactics
– Million-Dollar Marketing Ideas and Strategies
– Techniques to Improve Your Wealth and Life Balance
If you’re new and looking to launch, experienced and needing to validate, or experienced and seeking what’s next, THIS MAIN EVENT IS FOR YOU! 

Jennifer Perkins
6-years in, she’s done flipping, wholesaling, BRRRR, new construction, development and now self storage development and acquisition. She was inspired to start investing by the book “Why We Want You to Be Rich” and goes to as many REIN meetings as she can to learn and hang with like-minded people.
Moren Adenubi
Investing since 2010, she’s brought knowledge of brokering, buy & hold, and new construction to both buyers and sellers. She loves the REIN community and amazing knowledge shared at meetings. She’s also worked in property management and REOs giving her a unique and special knowledge of our market.
Sharon Conour
She’s keeping her most profitable buy and hold rentals, while selling underperformers and moving that money into passive syndications, creative financing, and notes. Her history is ‘always doing REI and something else, too’, like being a computer engineer. The REIN community is ‘the center of her RE universe even with holdings are in other areas.
Allison Bohen
New to town in 2016 with very little money, she has built certainty, stability, and a tribe of strong supporters for her investing vision. After watching fellow REIN members’ net worth shoot up with single-family rentals, she strives to create passive income like they have. Allison is well on her way to having a diversified portfolio.
Laurie Woods
Launching 18 months ago, Laurie uses her corporate background, management skills, and family investment gene to bring phenomenal results to her fix & flip business. Mentoring programs she found through REIN have given her the confidence, tools, and mental toughness to build a successful investing company.