April Main Event – How to Structure a GREAT Deal in a Chaotic Market – with special guest Bill Cook

We’re continually told that to reach our full potential as real estate investors, we must think outside the box. At the beginning of Bill’s discussion, he’ll explain why this often given advice is dead wrong. It’s not about working outside of some box that counts. To reach our full potential as creative dealmakers, we must realize there is no box!

Why spend your valuable time attending this month’s meeting?

Here are three common problems that will be resolved:
• Are you tired of beating your head against the there’s-too-much-competition-out-there wall?
• Is the only tool in your creative-deal-structuring toolbox a big damn hammer? By “big damn hammer,” I mean you only know how to make 70-cents-on-the-dollar offers?
• Frustrated at the cost of sending all those mailers that rarely -IF EVER – get you to the seller’s kitchen table?
• Let’s add a fourth reason: Are you thinking about quitting? Don’t quit!

Look, becoming a successful real estate investor is simple…but it’s not easy!

Remember: Our job as real estate investors is not to buy, sell or rent houses. Our job is to help people solve their real estate problems. Want to be a successful real estate investor? Then don’t go out looking for deals. Instead, find people to help and problems to solve!

Here are five topics Bill will cover during the meeting:
• You’ll see the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to get face-to-face with sellers, and the best way to make written offers.
• You’ll see several ways to creatively find, structure and fund solutions that solve people’s real estate problems.
• You’ll see how to make 5 to 10 written offers a day.
• You’ll see how to get 8 out of 10 sellers to invite you into their home.
• You’ll learn how to make T-bar and Teeter-totter written offers, and why they are the best written offers to make. (Sometimes a seller’s why is more important than their how much!)

At the REIN meeting, as we talk about creative deal structuring, here are the structures you’ll see:
• Using a buy-back option to sell a property for well below market value and still get your full asking price – or a lot more than your full asking price – when the deal completes!
• Selling a flip property for top dollar by foreclosing on yourself. (You read this right!)
• Buying a property and keeping the seller’s mortgage in place by agreeing to make the seller’s mortgage payment, on the seller’s mortgage, for the seller, until the seller’s mortgage is paid off.

As we look at the deals above, you’ll learn how each was found, structured, funded, and once bought, what was done to turn it into a mailbox money machine. Speaking of finding deals, you’ll see the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to get face-to-face with sellers. Which marketing technique will get you to sellers’ kitchen tables 80% of the time? Simple answer: Knocking on the seller’s door! I know, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Bill Cook has made his living knocking on homeowners’ doors for nearly 50 years. Bill and Kim’s real estate investing business was built square on the back of knocking on sellers’ doors. Bill is one of the best and most experienced door knockers in the country. His door knocking technique must be seen to be believed!

Finally, here are a number of questions Bill promises to answer during the meeting:
• Why is getting face-to-face with sellers so important to success?
• When meeting with sellers, why should it be about them and not you?
• What’s the most important question to ask a seller?
• Why are T-bar and Teeter-totter Offers so much more effective than Purchase and Sale Contracts?
• What’s the best way to learn how to creatively construct and fund deals?
• What are Starters, Estate Builders and Enders, and why should they work together to get deals done?
• When a seller calls, what two questions should you ask?
• What’s the best website to go to to determine a property’s value?
• What’s the most you should pay for a property and still make the deal work? (The answer to this question is guaranteed to rock your world!!!)
• When an investor is failing, what two questions does Bill ask to determine the root of their problem?

**Bill Cook will be holding an online meeting, please check your email for updates and links to REIN’s online meetings. Links will also be posted to the REIN Facebook Group.