Win-Win-Win Lease Options Seminar – Jan 15th

Investor Expert and Trainer Wendy Patton Shares Her Secrets in Nashville..

Learn How to Put $5,000 to $10,000 in Your Bank Account in the Next 29 Days

Learn the best techniques for real estate in this crazy economy. Understand how to structure Win-Win-Win deals in this Buyer’s Market with Lease Options. In a weak market, there are many
motivated sellers and your creative strategies are going to set you apart.

This seminar is geared towards investors—both new and seasoned. Make more money by adding
these valuable techniques to your investing.

Topics to be covered to help YOU make more money:

  • How and where to find motivated sellers—signage, scripts,and offers
  • How to structure a Lease Option to be very lucrative for everyone
  • Why working with Realtors can bring you much more success Hands on training such as calling
    sellers & Realtors live during class
  • How you can make enormous profits even if you have *no experience, no financial backing, no
    credit and no idea where to start*
  • more …

National Real Estate Speaker, Wendy Patton has been involved in 650+ lease option deals in many
states and has been through the market ups and downs. Learn from her experience and success. Her
easy to copy secrets will be revealed in this 1 Day Seminar on January 15, 2011!

“…I can honestly say that whether in person or in print, Wendy is one of the finest investment mentors you could hope to have. She’s clear in her wisdom, honest in her approach, and absolutely down-to-earth and enjoyable.” -Jay Papasan, Co-Author of Best-selling Book “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”

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