Web Comm – Content Eval test 002

This is the second test, to show how to post a piece of content to be evaluated as of 2010-09-28

There are a few steps needed, first is a title & body (normal stuff), then the small things to make sure it ends up on the right places on the site & off the right places.

– categories
— — Background – this keeps it outside the RSS feed & out of the “News” area of the site
— — content eval – this opens up the post to the Content Evaluation Committee

You need to include a “more” tag … (above – there is a button at the top #More)

Next, you need to include the content to be evaluated (below – press button #Video select & go through process)
NOTE: not everyone can do this roll, if you want to commit to helping set up these posts, let Jonathan Nation know.

[wpvideo 91Nwwrf8]

Then under it needs the “Video Evaluation” form (press the button #form” and go though the stuff, no title or description needed)

Thanks again for your help.