Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Rental Cash Flow – June 8

Mr. Landlord, Jeffrey Taylor, shares his newest info and technology to fill our vacancies faster, keep good tenants longer, and maximize the rent we get.  Current and future landlords (and anyone who loves ideas to grow their business) can’t afford to miss REIN’s June 8 Featured Presentation.  Mr. Landlord will teach us:

– How to keep tenants living in and paying for our rental units for 3 to 5 years – consistently

– How to fill our vacancies in 72 hours or less – with great tenants

– How to train our tenants about what we expect – before we hand over the keys – and how this means an easier, more profitable business for us.

Jeffrey Taylor has owned and managed rental property for over 30 years.  One investor says: “Jeffrey is a consumate researcher and shares the latest management ideas and solutions from rental owners and managers across the country in order to help landlords achieve maximum control of their properties, maximum rental income, maximum resident retention and cooperation and to simply make the most of the assets that God has given you!”

Make your plans now to attend – and bring a friend.