Upcoming Homes Tour – a Completely Hands-On Experience

The Rehab Homes Tours are a long-standing REIN offering that is widely viewed by those attending as one of the most beneficial educational opportunities available to REIN members and guests.  Each tour provides a unique, hands-on opportunity to visit and talk with REIN members who are actually “making it happen” on a day-in, day-out basis.

homes tour imageSeats on the tour are limited. Reserve yours today.

Best of all, this isn’t something you’ll see on television.  It’s real.  It’s what is happening. And it is what is happening here and now in the current market.

Saturday,  Sept.  21

REIN Education Center
2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 151
Nashville, 37214

Summer Homes Tour scheduled for June 18

One of the greatest benefits of being a REIN member is the chance to go on one of the “Homes Tour” that REIN offers. Participants get the chance to learn about various aspects of construction, see actual projects and deals at various stages of completion, and interact with the investor executing said projects.

Come and learn what is working in the current real estate market and what is not. You will have an opportunity to see the nuts and bolts (as well as the dollars and cents) while talking to the presenting investor about their project.  

Register today!

Looking for Houses for the Nashville Home Tour on Sept 25th

September 25, 2010 A number of your fellow REIN members are eager learn what you are doing and how you are doing it on the second REIN Rehab Homes Tour in 2010.

REIN continues to be the successful organization that it is because REIN members routinely share their knowledge, expertise and experience with other members.  REIN’s Rehab Homes Tours are a long-standing offering that some regard as one of the most valuable educational opportunities that REIN provides.  For additional tour information click here.

Please help us continue the tradition by telling us about a property you are in the process of renovating.

Any property you own that you are rehabbing (or plan to rehab) will, regardless of location, be considered.

If you haven’t even ordered the dumpster yet or are about to put the For Sale sign (or somewhere in-between) with your property, we would like you to be a Presenting Investor.

Experienced investors, newer investors, investors rehabbing for re-sale or those rehabbing for rental are all encouraged to Strut Your Stuff on the morning of September 25, 2010.

Have a house to show – fill out this form:

Property Registration

  • Tell us where the property is that you want to be considered for the Home Tour.
  • What condition should it be in during the tour? What type of property is it?

Home Tour – Nashville – May 22nd

The next Rehab Homes Tour is scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2010 and will be hosted by Dale Hire, a REIN life member and past REIN President who will share his years of successful real estate investing experience with those on the bus.

Limited seats – make your reservation here and now.

More info to be added.