Stop Managing your RE Properties Backwards!

At REIN’s February General Meeting  Robert Shemin wants to teach you how to stop managing your real estate properties backwards.  

Robert has discovered that if you are like most people you are managing your rental property “backwards” and this can cost you a fortune. Consider how much per day it costs you to have an empty rental unit. Every day that your rental unit is empty it is not only costing you money, but it’s costing you your time.

He has also  discovered that many property managers do not have any business operating systems. What may be stressing you out and costing you a lot of money is not running your business like a “business” –you have to have systems in place to do this.

Making many of Robert’s changes can save you lots of headaches, aggravation and money down the line and keep your business running smooth.

Learn more of Robert Shemin’s ideas Monday evening, February 11th at 7:15 pm, Swang Business Center of Lipscomb University, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204. Hear Shemin

Hear Dave Lindahl Oct. 8

The American dream is still alive and well in a country that is most assuredly facing some tough economic times.  No matter what happens around us we are still a society that is very much connected to the core of our spirit – the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in our ability to get out there and make it happen; but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need help along the way.

Real estate investing has long held money-making potential for those who understand the process and are committed to putting in the time.  At REIN’s October 8th General Meeting, Dave Lindahl, gives us a different perspective – the personal perspective – showing people how to start making money from right where they are – and taught by a man who has lived the experience.

Grow Your Network – Volunteer at REIN

Like any association, REIN needs volunteers. You, as a member, can “become the face of REIN” when you volunteer. You’ll stand out in the crowd and meet people you may not otherwise get to meet.

  • Host/Hostesses –Being a welcoming presence, checking in members and guests, answering questions, giving directions or making a memorable first impression w/ guests
  • Logistics –Setting up the meeting area, placing directional signs, moving equipment
  • Phone Calls –Calling new members and visitors, welcoming them to REIN, answering questions and providing a personal touch. How’s this for an opportunity to make new contacts and friends?
  • Security – Monitoring meetings to ensure only members and guests are admitted. Ensure that at the General Meeting that all entry doors are locked (except the main one) from the outside and that no one is allowed access without first checking in.
  • Recognition & Rewards –Help with internal programs to motivate and reward members.
  • Marketing – Do you have a knack for putting your best foot forward? Can you sell ice to Eskimos? Do you want to learn from some of the best in this area?

                   a. Social Media – Do you tweet? Is Facebook your life? You can learn and become skilled in this cutting edge media.

                   b. Craigslist & Meetup – Are you good with the internet? Learn how to effectively manage Craigslist & Meetup ads, reposting and creating    announcements of weekly REIN events… (A priceless skill for your real estate investing business!)

  • Promotions – What other ways can we recruit new members and get our name into the community? Strong real estate associations create a healthy investing environment.
  • Publishing – Your help is needed with the monthly newsletter. Do you have tips and tricks that could benefit other members? Have you seen a good article we could use (with permission from the author)? Are you good with layout and design? Can you proofread like a pro?
  • Teaching – Are you a builder, electrician, landlord, etc. or perhaps you know someone you can recommend? We need skilled individuals willing to lead classes for our members in the REIN Education Center.
  • Subgroup Leaders – Would you like to be able to run a group in your area of interest?

Your help is wanted and needed! Please consider how you can best use your talents then fill out the contact forum today.

Scott Meyer to Speak at October Main Meeting

Come hear one of the nation’s leading self storage investor/educator.
Scott Meyer travels the country revealing why self storage has become
the hottest sector in commercial real estate over the past 30 years
as the little known “stepchild” of the commercial real estate industry.

Scott will share share how he built a $10,700 positive monthly cash
flow in real estate without the hassles of tenants, Toilets, and Trash.

He’ll also share the reasons why Self Storage has been the hottest
sector in Commercial Real Estate in this economy, as it has been
for over the past 30 years.
Make plans *now* to learn more on Monday, Oct. 10 at Lipscomb
University. For more information please visit

Beat the Heat at REIN’s July meeting….

Networking and Deal Making at the REIN Education Center

Many REIN Members take the Winter months off to rest, relax, and refinance.  But in July…. LOOK OUT!  REIN Members are BUSY finding, fixing, flipping, leasing, optioning, and selling deals.

Now is your chance to tell about yours and hear about theirs!

Make your plans now to join us at REIN’s General Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 11th, 2011 from 6 pm to 9 pm at the REIN Education Center.

Here’s the plan for this Special Event:

6:00 to 6:45 pm    Informal Networking and Dinner on your Own – feel free to bring your dinner to the meeting
Visit to see nearby food choices.

6:45 to 7:15 pm    Deal or No Deal – Open Mic Style
Bring your best sales pitch to this!  Raise your hand and have 30 seconds to tell the crowd what real estate deals you want to buy or sell.  Or that you have or need money.  Rules: keep it clean, keep it short, and keep it about your real estate needs or wants.

7:15 to 8:30 pm    Q & A – Roundtable Style
Long-time REIN Members know this as the original Table Topics part of our meetings from years ago.  Each table will have a topic for discussion.  Rentals, rehabbing, lease options, wholesaling, and so on.  Choose your table and stay as long as you want.  Hop up quietly and move to another table as you wish.

8:30 to 9 pm         Q & A and Informal Networking (or head home to relieve the babysitter)

9 pm         Depart for home or your “Meeting After the Meeting”

Don’t forget to bring your business cards and buy and sell flyers to this meeting at the REIN Education Center, 2416 Music Valley Drive #151, Nashville, TN 37214.

*  Please make note of the location change for this General Monthly Meeting ONLY.

What about Lipscomb?  Lipscomb University is our regular monthly meeting place, but they have a big, annual conference that week that prevents us from meeting at Lipscomb in July.  We will be back at Lipscomb as usual for a massive August 8th meeting.