Nacho Average REIN Meeting!

Flood effects May 10th Meeting – now at REIN Ed Center

All who are local know of the flooding in the Middle Tennessee area. This has effected REIN in a few ways:

May 10th meeting – the Al Menah Shriners center is currently being used by the Red Cross to house those displaced by the flood, thus we will not meet there.

The date & times are the same. The program & location are modified.

NEW Location: REIN Education Center
NEW Main Presentation: “Ask The Experts”.

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All classes scheduled to be held at the REIN Education Center are still scheduled as planned, check the calender for more information.

UPDATE: See the May summary page for specifics; SIG & Main Presentation at the same times, location change to REIN Ed Center.

Flood image by tandemracer found on Flickr.