Steps to Stop your taxes or rent from going up.

In Nashville, Tennessee Mayor Karl Dean is proposing a property tax increase that will hit individuals and rentors the most. If you are a real estate investor, you understand that an extra $180 per year in taxes on every property you have will be passed on to your tenants.


We want to be able to keep rents in Davidson County, and the surrounding areas who tend to follow the lead tax wise, as low as possible.


Davidson County is already the highest tax rate in the Greater Nashville Area.






We are in a period of time where the average household has lost value, yet Karl Dean wants to worsen the situation by increasing taxes.



YOUR Help is needed to STOP the
BIG Nashville Property TAX HIKE
proposed by Mayor Karl Dean



Three Easy STEPS to help STOP the BIG Property Tax HIKE



1. Call YOUR Council Member

This is the MOST important step. Find your zip code in the table to the right (or the one closest to you) and leave a quick message on their machine telling them you want them to vote NO on a property tax increase. Also, you can call any of the at-large members as they represent everyone in Nashville.

If you get informative feedback from your call please let us know at


2. Send an email to:

This email address will deliver your email to all council members. Be polite but firm. Remember, they are coming after YOUR money so you have every right to express your opinion. Here is recommended text but use wording which best expresses your feelings:

The Subject can Read: Do Not Raise My Property Taxes

In the body of the message put your name and address and tell them this is a terrible time to raise taxes and you are opposed to any tax hike. If you get informative feedback from your email please let us know at


3. PLEASE,  Pass On has multiple flyers you can print & pass on to others.
CallSheet – with action steps & phone numbers

Video of Karl Dean saying: “I’m not raising taxes”


4. Like, Tweet, or +1 this page

Below you will see some icons for differant social media networks. Click the ones you are active on & spread this message.

Council Members at Large – ALL of Nashville

BARRY, Megan 480-3008
STEINE, Ronnie 385-9757
GARRETT, Tim 859-1047
TYGARD, Charlie 646-3295
MAYNARD, Jerry 942-6233

District Council Members

Name Home ZIP Phone

  1.  MATTHEWS, Lonnell, Jr 37218 876-2319
  2. HARRISON, Frank 37207 228-7693
  3. HUNT, Walter 37189 876-3367
  4. BANKS, Brady 37027 663-1037
  5. DAVIS, Scott 37207 554-9730
  6. WESTERHOLM, Peter 37206 429-4042
  7. DAVIS, Anthony 37206 775-8746
  8. BENNETT, Karen 37207 228-8107
  9. PRIDEMORE, Bill 37115 915-1419
  10. PARDUE, Doug 37072 859-9370
  11. JERNIGAN, Darren 37138 847-8483
  12. GLOVER, Steve 37076 883-1378
  13. STITES, Josh 37214 583-9271
  14. STANLEY, Bruce 37214 889-6697
  15. CLAIBORNE, Phil 37214 889-2907
  16. TENPENNY, Tony 37211 506-2016
  17. MOORE, Sandra 37204 386-9246
  18. ALLEN, Burkley 37205 383-6604
  19. GILMORE, Erica 37208 248-8852
  20. BAKER, Buddy 37209 356-0714
  21. LANGSTER, Edith 37208 320-5783
  22. WEINER, Sheri 37221 347-7544
  23. EVANS, Emily 37205 356-6294
  24. HOLLEMAN, Jason 37209 269-6365
  25. McGUIRE, Sean 37215 260-2634
  26. HARMON, Chris 37211 405-7132
  27. BLALOCK, Davette 37211 831-5525
  28. DOMINY, Duane 37013 831-0774
  29. JOHNSON, Karen 37013 977-6721
  30. POTTS, Jason 37211 332-0568
  31. BEDNE, Fabian 37211 829-6226
  32. DOWELL, Jacobia 37013 731-3177
  33. DUVALL, Robert 37013 862-6780
  34. TODD, Carter 37215 305-8903
  35. MITCHELL, Bo 37221 477-6718

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