Why Do I Need a Property Inspection? core class by Scott Truslow, June 22

Property Inspections can save you thousand of $$$$ in repairs. 

What will the home inspection cover?  This class will review the important issues that inspectors look for concerning foundations, main structure, HVAC and electrical systems, and even the roof. 

Ideas will be shared that will improve your property so that your buyers’ inspector only sees a top quality home. 

Ideas will also be shared that will aid you in assessing the potential repairs needed before purchasing your investment property. 

Scott, of Call the Man Home Inspections, LLC, has been a licensed home inspector for over 20 years, having inspected over 1,000 homes!  He is also a liccensed plumber and a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

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Presenter:  Scott Truslow
Start Time:  6:oo pm
Date: Tuesday,  June 22
REIN Education Center [map] – 2416 Music Valley Drive – Suite 151, Nashville , TN   37214