Secrets from Local Market Players

Local investors Dale Hire and Bob Potter tell all at The Main Event on June 11

  • Discover the mindset they use to figure out the highest and best use of several case study properties
  • What’s the best play for a given deal to maximize profit?
  • How does a seasoned investor analyze a deal?
  • What is the highest and best profit potential for a given deal?
  • What questions do they ask?
  • How and Why do they think what they think?
  • How do they analyze the pros & cons – and why a given deal is best suited for a rehab vs. new construction vs. long-term rental

If you ever wondered what an experienced investor would say about a given deal you are looking at, then get to this meeting and get the answers.  3 case studies will be analyzed and your questions answered.

BONUS SESSION for MEMBERS ONLY: Local attorney Melissa Allen gives us absolutely-must-know info for REIN Members who may be disabled or die one day. Don’t miss out! Discover the myth about the ones you care about inheriting what you want them to – and the 3 easy things you need to do.