REIN Guide to ShowNotes

ShowNotes is a concept that is vital to getting any audio or video before an audience.

Google does not read video or audio, it reads text.

People do not read video or audio, people read text.

If we have any hope of people finding our stuff in search engines, or people clicking on videos, or paying us for access to videos, we must have compelling text to go alongside.

Over time we will develop guidelines, checklists, systems, and such for developing show notes.

For today, we have a form (found under the video in the Content Evaluation area) along with these examples:

Here are some great examples of show notes all generally from podcasts:

Generally, here are some things we are looking for:

  • topics
  • questions asked (and answered – always thinking “if I wanted to know that answer, what question would I ask?)
  • lessons learned

The next step:

After one or two people submit show notes, we then turn around and produce a blurb/show notes that might be expanded or contracted from what was submitted.

This also helps us decide who to release it to:

  • Free to the world
  • Free to members, paid to others
  • Paid to all