REIN Guide to Adding Links

This is a guide to adding links, especially to registration pages, here at

[private_web team]

This guide is to give the steps to adding links, and uses the specific example of a link to the registration/calendar for a class.

When writing posts where we want people to click through to another page, it is good to link towards the top and the bottom of a post. If the article is long enough a link to the same item in the middle is good too.

A post:

This image is a full post that needs a link to a registration page.

Croped for Focus:

This is a cropped version of the original, to focus on the area we really need.

Add Text (if needed):

Add any text you want linked to , if needed.

Generally we link to stuff where it makes since, we hate “click Here” and similar phrases. Think about where the link is going & make a description of that be what is linked to it.

Some examples:

  • a person’s website – that person’s name
  • article on a topic – the title or subject of the topic
  • place to purchase a book, video, class, etc – subject of the class.

There are two exceptions that do come up from time to time.

With non-wepages ( PDF, MP3, etc) we like to add a little [pdf] or [mp3] so not to confuse our reader. Second exception is when there is formatting expectation, for instance, we have a link to register above the final info block and after the blurb.

Get the URL:

Open the page you are wanting to link to, find the URL in your browser. Copy the URL.

Make the Link:

  1. highlight the text you want to be the link.
  2. press the “Insert/edit link” button, bringing up the box.
  3. paste the URL you desire in the approprate box.
  4. press the Insert button (will say update, if you are updating)

The area should show up as a "link" and be underlined now. Make sure to press the update button before you leave the page.

the yellow box indicates that the post has been updated. It gives you a quick link to view the updated post.

[/private_web team]