Past & Future Stories – Nashville SIG – January 11th

The REIN Seasoned Investment Group (SIG) was organized to expose the veteran and/or more established REIN members to investment options other than real estate. But SIG as a group undoubtedly has years of successful investing experience. In the January SIG meeting, we want you to share a few of your best and most positive investment experiences (real estate or otherwise) with your fellow SIG members. Some of our deals will far and away exceed some of the opportunities other non-REIN members have brought to us.  So, go ahead! Strut your stuff!! How did you find the opportunity? What were the details? Is the investment still active? What kind of investment capital was required? Feel free to share as much or as little as you are comfortable sharing, and bring copies of any information that you feel will be helpful.

In addition, since it is a new year, let’s talk about what you would like to have happen in 2010. What types of presentations have you found most beneficial? What presentations weren’t so helpful? Why? Ed Meek, REIN president for 2010, will sit in as well and will be interested in suggestions, and will have a question or two for SIG members as well.