Nashville May Monthly Meeting Summary – May 10th @ REIN Ed Center

Due to the flooding, this meeting has been altered to a new location & change in program.

LOCATION: REIN Education Center – 2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 151, Nashville, TN 37214 [map]

SIG [4:15p]
Investing Across State Lines – Kenneth Kraft

As many investors grow, they begin to look in other markets. The geography of Tennessee and the proximity of other states to the Middle Tennessee area make it very likely that you will invest in another state before you in one of the other major markets of Tennessee. Kenneth will speak on this topic many are contemplating today.

Table Topics [5:30p]
Government Affairs – Mark Hill and Andy Neuman

Mark & Andy will share their knowledge on a new law that will affect all landlords. Lead paint has been an issue for years and the government is now trying to solve this problem. These men will explain how this government regulation will affect landlords, rehabbers and flippers for replacement windows in the future.

Protecting Insurance Coverage Immediately After a Disaster – Rob Dodson, attorney

Property owners sustaining losses resulting from the unprecedented recent rains in Tennessee may have insurance coverage available to respond to some or all of their losses.  Rob will share the steps to conserve and protect your insurance coverage.

Main Presentation  [7:00p]
Ask The Expert – bring questions to asked seasoned investors.

This will be a time where you can ask questions of seasoned investors, life members of REIN, and other experts in their field.

FOOD – there are several local resultants in the immediate area including:

No food will be available for purchase at the meeting, we encourage you to pick up food on the way, or during the break.

Than Merrill
Than will *not* be presenting at this meeting, we will attempt to reschedule him for later this year.