July Main Presentation Speaker: Mike Butler

Have you ever missed out on a deal because you thought you couldn’t handle it? Perhaps a group of 5 houses or apartments… Painful, isn’t it?

Just imagine what your life would be like if you had the confidence to add 5, 10 or more properties at one time without skipping a beat or feeling overwhelmed.
Our speaker at July’s Main Event, Mike Butler, wrote the book on it. Literally

Mike started his real estate business with less than $1,000 in his Police Officers Credit Union. Mike began his real estate business while working a full time job as an Undercover Police Detective in Louisville, KY, working “Murder for Hire”, “Contract Killings” and organized crime. At the time, Mike was working 55-80 hours weekly, including going to court. Time was precious for Mike. He had about 5 hours a week for his real estate business.

To be successful, Mike Had no choice but to create a lean, mean, efficient system. In only 5 hours a week, Mike averaged buying 2.5 rentals every week, for several years in a row, while working his full time job. Mike owned and operated 75 rental properties without any office help… in 5 hours a week.

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