Hello Website

Today we launched a new main REIN website.

With rehabbing a website, you sometimes can just do paint and carpet, and sometimes you must gut, or demo down to the foundation and then rebuild. This update is somewhere in between the extremes.

The look and feel are all new, but the members side of the site is still the same system.

The biggest advances are in the public side of the site. REIN is here to help Real Estate Investors, and Real Estate Investing does not happen in a vacuum, it happens in public. This marks a push to better engage the public, educate the public, and help the public in general. Updated houses help the public, helping people get out of bad situations helps the public, and affordable housing helps the public. This site will help the public understand how Real Estate Investors make their world a better place, and how they can get involved in Real Estate Investing too.

This site is not perfect, it needs a lot of work. Unlike retailing a house, this is an ongoing project that takes new content on a regular basis – as a house need the utilities to bring electricity and clean water.

The Web Committee Needs You

One of the best things about the new site is how easy it is to use, both on the user side and the administration side. If you can email, the web committee can use you. In fact there are roles we need help with that has nothing to do with the website directly. We need people to take notes at meetings, especially Topical Subgroups, and Regional Subgroups, and email us reports. Go to committee meetings and let us know what you have coming up, so that the web committee can help you market your events.

What happens or does not happen with REINtn.org really depends on who gets involved with this committee and what projects they want to champion. The REIN Leadership & Board have given us a large charge, but also a lot of freedom to explore, have fun, and learn.

An Issue!?!?

If you find an issue with a page, please email website-feedback @ reintn.org and include the link to the page. We are working, but were at a point we needed to go public with what we had done.