Cops show up at November 12 meeting

Crime and Punishment.  Breaking & Entering.  Meth, Mayhem and Misdemeanors.  Get it all when the cops show up at REIN’s November General Meeting!

Sergeant Taylor Schmitz of the Metro Nashville Police Department brings 10 years of stories and sage advice to REIN’s General Meeting on Monday, November 12th, 2012.   











Learn what you need to know to keep you and your stuff safe, and get the facts and fiction from the local 5-0:

–          Gang and drug dealer indicators – and when it’s just kids with mischief on their minds

–          How to keep your tools and appliances from walking off – and who is likely stealing them

–          Protecting your job site and those on it

–          Protecting your family at home and in public

–          Why a dog really is your best friend

–          The 4 Ds of Crime Prevention

–          How you can help the cops use 74-CRIME to easily catch bad guys

–          The one thing you can do to reduce your chances of car theft by 49%

Sgt. Schmitz got roaring applause after his recent presentation to a local Homeowner’s Association.  You will enjoy his humor and his message during this interactive and educational meeting.  Join us Monday and bring a friend.


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