Build Your Portfolio with Philip Rykwalder

“Build Your Portfolio” with Instructor Philip Rykwalder

My goal for these Build Your Portfolio classes taught with REIN is to share the valuable knowledge that I’ve gained over the past 3 years about wealth building through real estate. We hope to see you there!

Each month, I’ll  tackle another one of the questions every real estate investor asks, and you’ll be right there with me! If you attend all three of the classes, you’re eligible for a Bonus Event to take your business even farther!


Here’s what the class schedule looks like:

APRIL: Where Do I Get the Money?

If you think that the only way to buy real estate is to have an 800 credit score, a job AND put down 20% and get a bank loan – then this is the class for you! ‘Where is the Money?’ offers alternatives such as Bigger Pocket’s BRRR technique using hard money, ways to set up partnership deals, and aims at showing you that if it is a deal the money is there. This event also provides a list of over 75 money sources available to you including bridge funding, hard money, and long term amortized money including online and local sources. If you have less than $500,000 cash this class is for you!

MAY: Which Properties Do I Buy?

You peruse MLS listings and see properties in East Nasty, check out Woodbine – and even scroll through houses in Columbia. Someone you know bought a house in Lebanon – but which properties are a good deal? This class shows what your deals look like from a banker’s perspective, how to budget for ongoing repairs/vacancy/capital expenditures/management on the front end to minimize surprises. This class is a buy and hold dream!

JUNE:  Where Do I Find Deals?

You know where to get the money AND what you want to buy – but where do you find them? The MLS is full of overpriced hopefuls. Philip has bought over 50 fifty off market properties and will show you how he has done it through networking, direct mail, bandit signs, door knocking and more. If you are frustrated with a deal shortage this is for you!


FREE BONUS EVENT: Wealth Building Through Real Estate

Do you dream of doing real estate full time? Quitting and managing a handful of rentals instead of driving a desk? Maybe you want to open more income potential through new builds, rehabs and deal making. Learn how highly successful investors made real estate their full time profession and how you can do it. This free event is only available to those who take all three Build Your Wealth classes.



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