REIN Corporate Sponsor FB Group Application

Customers …
Transactions … 
Deals …
…. Do you want more? 

If you want ignorant customers who you can take advantage of once … Corporate Sponsorship with REIN will not be a good fit.. 

YET, if you want educated, connected, fun connections who are easy to work with … Support REIN because we help people gain the mindset, skills, knowledge & connections they need to be successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors (REI).

Your Company needs more customers doing more REI Deals. 

This is the number one reason you can support REIN, because REIN helps make better, more profitable long term customers, and an environment where your organization can thrive. 

To promote your organization, goods, services & solutions, you must first become a Corporate Sponsor of REIN

After that, you can engage with the other members of REIN and we will support you with opportunities exclusive to Corporate Sponsors. 

Will you join us? 

Below is the application for the REIN Facebook Group.

You are applying as an individual, each member of your Origination who wants to be in the FB Group must also apply.

To promote your Company, you must have an active Corporate Sponsorship:

Our expectation is that you will be a good community member, and we want you to know how to. Part of why you want to join is because of the guidelines we enforce through a volunteer team of moderators and admins.

When you fill out this application, you will be signing up for the Free Weekly Update from REIN as an email, and some additional emails to help you be the best you can be within our community.

Membership for REIN is not required for an individual, we expect all who are successful at REI to see the great value investing in others helps you.