REIN Facebook Group Application – Current

Welcome – we appreciate you & want to help you connect with more REIN members.

Our Facebook Group is one place REIN members & Corporate Sponsors, like yourself, can connect with other members, education, and potential team members to use in building your REI Ventures.

+ When we are in a sellers market: few “looking for deals” posts are approved, only non-mls deals are approved, few looking for connections & discussion of the environment we work in. 

+ When we are in a buyers market: Only a few super great or unique deals, looking for connections, discussion of the environment we are working in, & minimum “looking for” posts are approved.  

+ When sharing an article, or post – Tell why you see it as valuable or important for REIN members.

+ Assume good intentions for those in the group, unless proven otherwise.

+ We appreciate the Corporate Sponsors of REIN who want REIN members to be more successful because then their goods & services will be in more demand. Corporate Sponsors help lower the membership costs & empower us to serve more people. 

We do moderate posts by a volunteer moderation team. The REIN FB group gets thousands of post submissions each month, our goal is for REIN members to connect, grow & profit. To be successful in Real Estate Entrepreneurship & Investing Ventures, you need a combination of time, knowledge, team & good environment. 

That is our guiding light as we do the best we can to help our fellow members of REIN.