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Welcome to REIN, the Largest association of REI’s in the Greater Middle Tennessee Area, from Nashville to Chattanooga, Bowling Green to Huntsville, Cookeville to the Tennessee River.

This is the process of getting into the Official REIN Facebook Group.

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About REIN:

We believe that Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors (REIs) build better communities. First by helping others solve their problems, then their own house, and beyond.

Educated REIs do significantly better than uneducated at both solving problems and generating profits.

REIN is a member focused not-for-profit Trade Association started in 1980.

REIN helps members connect with other members, education, and vendors.

REIN does allow our Corporate Sponsors to self promote in the FB Group, and nobody else.

We know that the higher quantity and quality of connections we have with other REIs, the more success we will have. You are invited to join us and make the world better … one Real Estate deal at a time.

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