New Multi-Family Investment Strategies Focus Group added to the REIN calendar

REIN member and corporate sponsor David Childers will be hosting a focus group the 4th Tuesday of each month to discuss intermediate to advanced multi-family investment strategies. Topics will include everything from deal-sharing to property management and much more!

Many of the meetings will also feature guest speakers who are experts in their field.

The first meeting is August 28th. Seating is limited to 45 so if you are interested, go click here to reserve your seat now.

Investors Share Secrets – without a Court Order!

Three of our local rock-star members pull back the curtain on their Genius Investing Machine at The Main Event August 13th. You don’t want to miss it.

Brandon Rumbley, Brandon McDonald, and Jason Dodge (BB&J) – all of the Urban Dwell Team – share three of their recent deals. They’ll show you the details – and how and why they structured these deals the way they did. This is a huge takeaway for any investor who wants to profit in today’s market. If you aren’t sold yet, here’s a taste:

Deal #1 – How BB&J made an EXTRA $274,660 in pro t on a recent project because they set it up on purpose and thought ahead.

Deal #2 – How BB&J got a 49% ROI on a recent loan made from their kids’ Coverdell Education Savings Account. (If you have kids – or can borrow kids – you MUST know about this strategy.)

Deal #3 – How BB&J set up a 1031 to exchange an asset that was spitting out $650 per month – into FOUR assets producing $4,350 per month.

This event is for you if:

  • you like making money
you want to make more money
  • you want to save on taxes
  • you have no clue what this is but you know it sounds amazing!

Don’t stay home eating PB&J.   Get to this event with BB&J!

(Your future net worth will be glad you did.)


Get in on the ground floor with GROUNDFLOOR!

GROUNDFLOOR is bringing a new way to finance short-term residential fix & flip loans to Nashville.  Little to no documentation, deferred payments for up to a year and rolling points into the loan are just some of the ways we are changing the game in your favor.

Come to learn about this new source of funding. Chris Schmitt, of GROUNDFLOOR, will go over our program and teach you how to get funded quickly. Don’t miss this event!

This Free seminar and lunch will cover:

  • Who/What is GROUNDFLOOR
  • Crowdfunding for Real Estate Financing
  • Learn About Our August Promotion And How To Participate

And much more!

We’ll see you at 11:30 on Thursday, August 9 at the REIN Center on Harding.  Click here to register.

Lunch provided compliments of  GROUNDFLOOR.

Cash Deals Being Further Scrutinized by Feds

Back in January, 2016 we reported about the federal government requiring real estate companies in New York and Miami to disclose the names behind all-cash real estate transactions.  The measure was supposedly “temporary” and targeted properties purchased with cash in New York City and Miami-Dade County that met certain thresholds.  Now, flash-forward to the present; a recent article in the Miami Herald discusses some recent all-cash real estate deals (where the buyers are anonymous) that are being snagged by that very same Treasury Department rule.  However, in May of this year the thresholds for triggering those reporting requirements were quietly lowered to $300k (down from $1 million) and now includes trusts, which had previously been excluded.  Indeed…

“Where people get their money is none of my business,” Tony Elias, a Realtor who specializes in selling condos in Brickell and Miami’s urban core, told the Miami Herald in a recent interview. “I don’t see how Realtors can enforce where the cash is coming from. I’m not going on an expedition for that.”

Click here to read the full story at the Miami Herald.

Click here to read “U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Real Estate,” 1/14/16

The Passive Income Course with Paul Rossano

There are 3 sides to every deal.

  • The Money – your cash, loans, private money, etc.
  • The Asset – where the money is invested such as real estate, businesses, notes, etc.
  • The Capital Structure – optimal amount of debt vs. equity AND how to structure both.

Most courses out there teach The Money or The Asset side, but very few (if any) teach The Capital Structure side, or “how to structure the deal”.

Worse yet, most investors THINK they know how to structure deals correctly, but very few actually do. This is where most investors lose money!

At the end of the day, knowing how to structure capital correctly is the foundation of success (or failure) for every investor, and here’s a simple example to prove it. If you buy real estate with all cash (no debt) and the market tanks, are you at risk of losing the property? No, of course not! Why? It’s because of the Capital Structure.

So, the question is what is the optimal way to structure capital for your deals?  For example:

  • How much debt vs. equity should you have?
  • Should you use a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) for your down payment, or not? Why or why not?
  • Should you structure the private money you raise as debt or equity?
  • What if your money source is Aunt Mary, should that be different than if it’s Uncle James?
  • Should you put your own money in the deal? Why or why not?
  • How much money should you have in reserves?
  • How can you QUANTIFY and MEASURE risk? (i.e. give risk an actual number – a measurement).
  • How much return should you aim for? (HINT: the higher the better is the worst mistake)
  • How can you have the CONFIDENCE that this is indeed a great deal? (Good return and low risk, backed by real data instead of a “gut feeling”)

The Passive Income Course teaches you all of that and A LOT more. You’ll walk away being able to structure deals like the best investors out there for ANY income producing asset including real estate, businesses, paper (notes), etc.

More importantly you will have the confidence to do deals in the real world as a result of the highly experiential training method, where you’ll learn from doing the whole time.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to quickly identify the right deals, and more importantly the wrong ones. You’ll also be able to raise more capital than you know what to do with once you learn how to cover your downside (aka minimize risk) and maximize the upside of your deals (aka create infinite returns!).

Take the advice of one previous attendee who said “Don’t try to do a deal without this knowledge!”

Don’t miss Paul Rossano at the July 9 Main Event.