Ask The Expert Investor – September 12

Is that smelly house you’re looking at a deal? What about that vacant condo on 12th? Wouldn’t it be great to
learn how others size up a deal in today’s market?

Get to the next REIN General Meeting and learn from three experienced members as they share the good, the
bad, and the ugly of deciding whether a given real estate deal will work. Bring yourself and your significant
other, and invite a non-member friend or two to this fountain of real estate knowledge.

Come and learn these insights:

  • what goals these experts have for their investing
  • when a deal is really a deal for them
  • when a deal is NOT a deal – and running away is the best thing they do
  • if your contractor having worker’s comp insurance really matters
  • when the price is right
  • where three seasoned players get their money to do their deals
  • what they know (that you don’t know) about the market today


[ original image by Exothermic ]