An A-to-Z Guide to Getting $$$ from Bad Tenants – Nashville Main Presentation – April 12th

Most tenants are great! They pay on time. They take care of your place. They don’t park their cars in the yard.

However, there are a few that don’t follow the rules… and you want to know what you can do to stay within today’s laws.

This month’s General Meeting Presentation will feature two Metro General Sessions Judges and a Real Estate and Collections Attorney. (Info about them below)

At this meeting, you will learn:

  • when and how to start an eviction
  • what you can’t do or say to a non-paying tenant
  • whether you should accept a partial rent payment – and if you do, what you ABSOLUTELY need to write on the check before you deposit it
  • how long it takes to get’em out of your place
  • who does the dirty work of telling the tenant
  • when you should ask for the money you are owed or “possession only”
  • what you need to bring to court
  • what you DON’T need to bring to court
  • how cases are settled
  • what a judgment is and what it means
  • how you can – and can’t – collect on a judgment

You’ll hear it all, because these experts will take YOUR questions, too.

Make your plans to attend right now!


Our first honored guest is Judge Leon Ruben, a native Nashvillian who attended public schools and received his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt and his law degree from the Nashville School of Law. If you have to sue tenants, there’s a good chance you will visit Judge Ruben’s court.

Our second honored guest is Judge Dan Eisenstein, an Economics graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and a Law graduate from Memphis State Law School. Dan has worked in the education and mental health fields and as an attorney. Judge Eisenstein hears landlord-tenant cases every week.

Our third honored guest is Robert “Bob” Notestine, an attorney with 28 years’ experience and a long-time friend of REIN. After getting tenant judgments, Bob works to get them collected for his clients.

BRING YOUR QUESTIONS! This session will allow for questions from you. If you prefer not to stand up and ask your question in front of others, simply write your question legibly on a piece of paper. And bring it to the meeting.

Before you forget about this, pull out your calendar now. Go to April 12, 2010. Enter this event. And we will see YOU at the Shriner’s in Nashville!

Want your Questions asked? Post them in the comment section below.

Nashville April Monthly Meeting Summary