Our Featured Presentation this month is from Lee R. Phillips

In our January Main Event meeting, Lee will show us how to use the law to our advantage and tax tips to get the most out of real estate investing. Lee is a nationally-recognized attorney who has helped thousands of audiences understand the latest asset protection, business structuring and tax techniques. He is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and holds licenses in law, real estate and insurance.

Don’t lose your property and your money to the legal system. Let Lee show you how to protect yourself.

Your CPA has never told you about the tax tips Lee will show you at The Main Event and the class this Saturday, January 18.

Discover the difference between retiring and living the good life or retiring broke on Social Security. Lee tells you how to use the law to keep what you make and show you how to make it faster.

The legal system is the most powerful system we have in our nation today. See how to use it to make more money and how to use it to protect your assets.

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Build Your A-Team at REIN’s EXPO Trade Show

Our Annual Event is THE place to meet the best vendors in the region to build and grow your investment business to higher, more profitable levels.  Massive cash grand prize drawing at 8 pm, plus nearly 100 other prize giveaways – your chances of winning are excellent – just for showing up. (But you must be present to win)click here for more info and grab your spot

How to Be Successful in Real Estate and Where to Get Started with Britnie Turner

Saturday, September 7, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

About the program:

If you are interested in Real Estate you need to have clarity for how it will feed your greater purpose. We only have one chance on this Earth. Your life, business, and resources can help make the world a better place. Having that clarity will only help get you there faster.

Britnie designed this Master Class program to help you gain that clarity and to teach you everything you need to know to run a purpose-filled business.

Over the next 12 months Britnie will be teaching a Master Class for 8 hours on a Saturday on a variety of topics in Real Estate. The Wednesday before each Saturday will be a hands-on workshop that will be a preview to what will be taught on Saturday. To get the most out of the program she encourages you to attend multiple Saturday classes and their corresponding Wednesday workshops.

This class will teach you:

– How to Get Started with Nothing

– Benefits of Each Asset Type

– How to Find Deals

– How to Find Funding

– What to Buy / What Not to Buy

– What Will Set You and Your Projects Apart

– How Your Business Can Fuel Your Vision

– How to Stay on Track With Your Vision

– How to Build a Business That Has Impact

REIN Mastermind – Your Next Step in Wealth Development

Monday, August 12 2019

5200 Franklin Pike Nashville, TN 37220

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5:00 pm

Snacks while they last, networking, and vendor visits

5:30-6:15 pm

Breakout Sessions


Meeting call to order, guest session, door prizes, awards, success stories, and the Featured Presentation

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Featured Presentation:

It’s August – just 5 months left in 2019. Are you where you want to be? Do you feel like you’re missing something? Do you have questions you need answers for – and you need them now – from real, real estate investor pros? Will hearing what others are doing right now help you get un-stuck?

We’ve begged, bribed and bargained to get the best folks together – in one room – for YOU to mastermind with. 

Get to REIN’s Main Event on Monday, August 12 and get the answers, tools, and missing pieces you need to re-launch your efforts to make your 2019 end the way you want.

You’ll get 15 minutes each with your top 4 most important people in a small group setting. Here’s the (amazing!) lineup:


Matt Anderson – Closings, assignments, contracts, evictions and lawsuit avoidance
A real estate and construction attorney in litigation, contract drafting and negotiations.  Experience in buy and holds, house hacking, wholesaling, commercial real estate, and creative financing.


Bob Potter – New contruction / infill development
10 year veteran answers all your questions about new construction urban infill homes in emerging neighborhoods. Get secrets from a licensed general contractor and champion for responsible urban infill construction and renovation.


Sam Craver – Flooring
Discover the shockingly easy right way to explode a home’s value with engineered wood flooring. Tips and tricks to save money and avoid waste.


TJ Ojehomon – Property Management Tips
Oversees 250 properties worth $70 million. Find out how to make your investment perform better with higher rents, lower vacancy, and higher annual returns with a proven process.

Jeff Ley – Property Management Traps
Discover when professional property management makes sense.  How it can pay for itself while it builds wealth for you.  How to choose the right Manager for you. Pitfalls of local property management you MUST avoid.


Neal Lampley – Hard Money / Private Money Lending (waaay easier than you think)
How to use easy-to-get funding for your deals in as little as 24 hours.
Bonus: when to use short term bridge financing, fix and flip loans, and transactional (< 24 hours) loans.


Bev Delong Krueger – Self-Storage profits awaiting you behind a simple garage door
Need help spelling NOI? Is loopnet really for you? Cap rates got you down? Learn how commercial risk is not much different than residential – and can net you more profits.

Tax Savings

Jodi Ripp Bugter – Tax Savings made easy with a 1031 Exchange
Discussion of tax savings strategies for real estate investors – what you need to know & how easy it really is. Plus, find out the key elements of a successful 1031 and how to choose the right Qualfied Intermediary for you.

Mike Todd – Self-Directed IRAs mean 30% MORE in your pocket
Tax-free or tax-deferred gains made easy with Self-Directed IRAs, using a proven system to Buy real estate inside your IRA, Lend money from your IRA, and Partner your IRA with others.

Finding and Buying

Diana Jones – How to get Foreclosure and Bank Owned buying opportunities
Learn how to make money with auction deals: the basics, how to find properties, and how to do research the easy way.

Sam Warf – How to find and talk to Sellers who will BEG you to buy their house
Get out of the chicken house and find where the easiest money can be made – and how to boost your income to $1,000s per hour.

Dan Beaulieu – Stratospheric Profits with “BRRRR” – Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat
Experienced lender helps investors find and analyze deals, provides guidance every step of the way, and handles front end financing and back end refinance. Bonus: Dan helps new investors avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

Next Steps Toward Your Success

John Hickman – How to Pick Your (BEST) Exit Strategy
Should you rent? Flip? Wholesale? Lend? Run? Find out the simple questions to ask to get the best outcome for ALL your deals.

Heather Warf – How to Get Your Family Involved in Real Estate Investing (the right way)
Got a spouse or child who you’d love to bring along on your Investing Journey? Discover tips to ‘put salt in their oats’ to make them want more, more, more real estate.

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Making the Unrealistic Your Reality with Britnie Turner

Monday, May 13th 2019

Oak Hill Assembly

5200 Franklin Pike Nashville, TN 37220

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5:00 pm

Snacks while they last, networking, and vendor visits

5:30-6:15 pm

Breakout Sessions

  • Women’s Focus Group
  • Landlord Focus Group
  • Advanced Investors Group
  • Ask the Real Estate Pro

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Meeting call to order, guest session, door prizes, awards, success stories, and the Featured Presentation

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This Month’s Presentation: Making the Unrealistic Your Reality with Britnie Turner

Real estate can be the greatest tool of knowledge you can ever learn. With it can come freedom & resources beyond your wildest dreams. But are you currently treating your “dreams” as realistic goals? Are your visions of the future utilizing the real estate knowledge you are building? With a clear plan, you can and will turn unrealistic dreams into your reality. 

Britnie Turner, Nashville local, has built a real estate empire from renovations to now having a large single-family, mixed use, and multi-family portfolio. She has gone from living in her car and working for free to Forbes 6th Fastest Growing Woman Owned/Led Company in the World with over $200 million dollars of real estate projects. May13th hear how she built her real estate business on her passion for helping others both locally and globally.Britnie will be sharing practical tools for how you can gain clarity and insight for how to grow your real estate business in a direction that leads you to living your best life. 

  • Get Clarity- Know why you do what you do
  • How to find your why
  • Tools for how to create a business game plan that keeps you on track with the greater purpose of your life
  • How to get started in real estate with scaling in mind
  • Best advice
  • Q&A

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