Ca$h this Deal – this Monday, Oct. 15

A wholesaler lives off the idea that price overcomes all objections.  If you can sell a property for a low enough price, it does not matter what’s wrong with it. Somebody will buy it.

A Wholesaler focuses on 2 things:
– finding deals
– increasing their network of investors to sell to

Do both when you join us this Monday night, October 15, 2012 at the REIN Education Center when our usual meeting of the Fix This Deal Subgroup becomes

– Ca $h This Deal –

No charge for Members. Guests pay $10 at the door.

We’ll discuss:

– Understanding the retail & wholesale real estate markets
– What’s a real deal
– How to find a deal
– What to avoid
– Where to avoid
– Role playing to reduce your fear of talking to sellers

Seasoned buyers with all cash on hand and proof of funds will be at this meeting.

If you want to wholesale deals, you need to be at this meeting.

If you want to buy good deals, you need to be at this meeting.

This Monday.

Doors open at 5:30 pm.
Agenda starts at 6.

Done by 8, unless you need to finish writing up your paperwork on the deal you sold at this meeting – or finishing the data for the 5 new Buyers you just added to your Buyer’s List.

REIN Education Center
Members – no charge
Guests – $10

Reduce Risk; Increase profits & Fun this Saturday June 2nd

Your Next Step ... June 2ndReal Estate Investing can be a risky business, but at REIN this Saturday, you can learn systems that work from a professional who has done over 500 deals. Learn from her success & mistakes … setting yourself up for success.


Think of the praise you will receive from friends & family once you make significant money in REI.

Think of the freedom it will give you to have thousands of additional dollars in your family budget this year.

There is something fun about going to a distressed money pit, ripping out parts of it, and building something wonderful.


Then there is the large amounts of profit many members of REIN already receive with each deal & You could too.

The next class, with one of the best National Speakers is this Saturday, June 2nd.

Space is limited, so you need to register now ->


Also, please share this with others. Click the like, tweet, +1 buttons. We need more people to understand what Real Estate Investing is all about & reaching more people with the knowledge shared in this class will help make our community and industry better.


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You Can Profit from this Crazy Market

Did your agent really just tell you that there are multiple offers on that smelly house?

Should you fix and flip this one? It sure seems like a great rental area.

What are other Rehabbers doing in your situation now?

Maybe it’s time for commercial – or is it? what should you know?

Experienced Investors tell all at REIN’s June General Meeting. Bring a friend and hear what’s really going on from Guys in The Trenches.

And how you can profit from it

Get the Real Estate Scoop from Edsel Charles

Hear Edsel Charles speak on the state of Middle Tennessee’s Real Estate Market. As founder of MarketGraphics® Research Group, Inc.,  Edsel will give us the real scoop.

You’ll get the latest and best market information available for this area.

Edsel will present: fresh, updated market data, interpretation of market conditions and trends, inventories of new homes and lots, planning commission approvals of new developments, historical and projected demands by price point, forecasts of housing activity for future years, and comparisons of local activity to national and regional trends.

Seating is limited! Register today.

Wed., November 2
REIN Education Center
2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 151
Nashville, 37214

Lead Based Paint Renovator Course June 22, 2011

If you are a landlord/property manager owning single or multi-family dwellings that were built before 1978 where there could be lead paint, you must be a certified renovator.  Non compliance can mean fines up to $37,500 per day per violation.  

Kachina will offer a certification course at the REIN Education Center Wednesday, June 22 from 9a-5p.  Register today at

Course includes:
8 hours of instructional and hands on training, manual, CV card, disposable suit, gloves, booties and goggles.  Upon completion of course a test will be given.  Upon passing, you will receive certification within 7 days from the class date.